To Mrs Bucknall
Thank you for your dedication to Dunn Street Primary and the work you have done with the children.  You have brought a huge wealth of experience and understanding to the job.
Your cheery disposition, optimism and positivity will be greatly missed.
We wish you all the very best and hope to see you in the not too distant future.
Love from
The Pupils, Staff and Parents at Dunn Street Primary School

Green Tree School Award

The Green Tree Schools Award is free, fun and has fantastic activities to help Dunn Street celebrate woods and trees.

More details can be found by clicking here.

They reward schools for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning. Their award is a fantastic way to enhance our school’s green credentials while inspiring youngsters about woods and trees.

Schools gain points for completing activities and progress through bronze, silver and gold levels to the prestigious platinum award.  We are currently a “bronze” school, but work this term will see us move to “silver”!

We get a certificate when we complete each level and receive a fantastic wooden plaque to display in school when we reach gold.

As part of the scheme, KS2 welcomed the Woodland Trust for an assembly all about how fabulous trees are…

We have also applied for a schools’ tree pack and our application has been successful!  This means we’ve earned two Green Tree Schools Award points for Dunn Street!

We can’t wait to get planting our Medium Wild Harvest (105 saplings)!

Following on from first place at BCA Championships earlier in the year, our KS2 squad, Dunn Street Diamonds, secured another first place at the South Tyneside competition at Temple Park.

World Book Day

Although we were unable to celebrate World Book Day this year (due to the adverse weather conditions), we are proud to say that our donation of old mathematics text books was received by the charity Books2Africa.

Our donation (of four 20kg boxes) helped reach a total of 388 boxes donated throughout February.  This will go some of the way to meeting the 70,331 books that were requested by individuals and institutions across Africa through 45 book request applications via the Books2Africa website in February.

The books shipped have led to the creation of libraries (within schools, academic institutions, communities) and improvement in teaching and learning. You can read the most recent impact report from Ghana, where 1,049 books were donated by Books2Africa by clicking here.

New data from UNESCO and World Bank now suggest 90% of children (202 million children) who go to school in Africa would not be able to read or write after finishing school. In light of this sad fact, the need for quality educational materials is more crucial than ever… and we are pleased, that in some small way, or donation has had a positive effect.

We got a KICK out of Sports Day!

What a fantastic Sports Day we had this year and no-one can deny how hard everyone tried.  We had some excellent challenges; frisbee, skipping, football and an obstacle course to name a few.  It was great to see so much team work and how our older children cheered on their younger friends in their first sports day.  We later enjoyed a lovely ice lolly in the sun.  Well done to everyone involved!!

High Ropes

It was hard to handle. – Degan

I conquered my fears and it was fun because you had to work as a team to help people. – Lucy

I’m so proud I did the Leap of Faith!  I felt like collapsing – which I couldn’t as we were harnessed in! – Lillie

I was scared at first until I did it and then it was fun! – Natasha

Harder than it looks! – Millie H

Don’t look down! – Kieran


I liked archery because it was something new and when you try it, it is fun! – Erest

This was one of the best activities.  I found the superheroes game fun where you had to get the colours of your favourite superhero. – Kara

Archery was hard because I had not done it before, but, for my first time, I think I did pretty good! – Katie

I found archery entertaining when we reversed the board and the bulls-eye was worth 1 and the outer ring was worth 10! – Kayleigh

Low Ropes

Stop being a wimp and get dirty! – Grace

Only me and Keenan did the monkey crawl! – Emily C

It was fun – just needed to sit on a bin bag on the bus home…arghhhh! – Lennon

This was scary when me and Mr Reader tried to cross the ropes! – Ashleigh

This was a great test of balance, skill and bravery. – Thomas


I remember that I stood in the river and didn’t know how deep it was!  I was in a forest all of my own! – Demi

I guess I was known as Granny! – Ashleigh

Be prepared to be soaked… up and down… splish splash… eyes peeled! – Keiran


Synchronised dabbing with my friends: laughing with embarrassment – it was the best! – Jadon

I loved standing on the raft with my “shadow” friend Emily Miller! – Lillie

I tried to do the pencil jump, but Emma did less splash than me! – Demi

Zip Wire

Just do it! – Ashleigh

Last year it looked scary – this year I just did it!  It was my favourite part! – Jake

Although we were nervous, the excitement over-ruled it! – Emily M

There was a glorious view on the way back up to the top! – Lillie

Scary? Nah! Push yourself! – Kayla

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Dab!