Lights, Camera… ACTION!

Reception had such a busy day!

We began the with two whole hours at The Dunes Soft Play in South Shields which offered fun for every member of our class, including Miss Little who had a lot of fun exploring with us and chasing us around the Soft Play.  We had tonnes of fun playing football, hanging upside down, swinging, sliding, spinning, crawling and of course running around.


After what seemed like no time at all, we were putting our shoes back on and heading to The Story Room in The Word for lunch (which is always the most fun part of a school trip).


After we had munched our way through our lunches, we turned off the lights in The Story Room and watched as it transported us into different scenes from familiar stories and of course took us on a journey around the world.  We recognised places that we have visited in class, such as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and were excited to learn about places we will soon be visiting like China and New York.


When we were finished our journey, we were given a short tour of The Fabrication Room in The Word which prints some brilliant 3D models including Tower Bridge, The Sydney Opera House and The Eiffel Tower.  Did you know the Eiffel Tower pictured below took 50 hours to print on the 3D printer?!  We set the printer off to create our own little ornament to take back to school and we went to create our video.


Off we went to the Recording Studio to create the most fabulous video showcasing our talents at singing songs from around the world.  We started in our home country with London Bridge is Falling Down and swiftly floated across the channel with Frère Jacques.  We then flew to America with She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain and then swooped back to Europe, specifially España, with Los Colores.  Everybody was so proud of how well we sang our songs with only a couple of days practice.  We were fantastic!

While we waited for our video to be created, we were allowed some much needed chill time in the library before the grand unveiling of our first studio performance.

We had the most amazing day, but it was super tiring!  We can’t wait to show you the finished product from our afternoon in the Recording Studio.  Keep your eyes peeled for the best music video of the year!

The Reception Team would also like to say a massive thank you to The Dunes for arranging our fantastic morning as well as a huge thank you to Amanda at The Word for making the afternoon so special and fun.  Our last gigantic thank you must be given to parents for helping the children to learn the songs at such short notice.

More than an ICE day!!

What a fantastic day we had at the Life Centre, exploring the museum, learning to skate and enjoying a beautiful hot chocolate.  We started our busy day with a stroll to Jarrow Metro.  Our teachers were so proud of how well we managed the Metro  We behaved impeccably.  Once we arrived at the Life Centre, we went straight to the play area, playing in the shop and in the kitchen.  We went gardening and harvested a tonne of cabbages and explored a cool tree house.  We also had a fab time building towers and making an obstacle course with the soft play.


After all that fun, we were taken to explore the Dinosaur exhibition which was truly amazing.  The dinosaurs were extremely life-like and we were fascinated to learn so many facts about dinosaurs and also how to dig up fossils (which we did interactively).  We found out how much food they eat.  Did you know a T-Rex ate the same as 1,500 sausages per meal?  We saw fossils of the teeth that dinosaurs used to munch on their lunches and we were also entertained by a mountain of poop, which showed us how much a dinosaur would poop in a week!

When we had finished exploring the dinosaurs, we went to recharge our own batteries ready for the exciting afternoon ahead.

It wasn’t long until we were ready to go again!  This time we were invited into the Planetarium to watch a special showing of Little Bear.  It was great to watch the constellations and listen to the fantastic story.  We really enjoyed it but again, it wasn’t long until we were on the move: This time to the highlight of the day: ICE SKATING!

Our teachers were absolutely amazed by how adventurous and brave we were as this was the first time for many of us.  It did take a little getting used to with a few stumbles before we were moving, but we definitely got going.  We all enjoyed a hot chocolate, cream and biscuits before it was time to go home.

We had the most fantastic day even though we were a little tired when we got back to school.

We would like to say thank you to our fantastic helpers Zak, Charlotte and Chelsea who helped to keep us extra safe and made the day super fun.

The teachers would like to say a massive thank you to Reception and Key Stage 1 for showing our community how polite and well behaved we are. Well done everyone!

Zoo Lab paid a visit to Reception

We had a visit from Rob at Zoo Lab with lots of his animals.  Rob told us tonnes of facts and let us hold some of his amazing pets.  We learned some cool facts about each animal: did you know cockroaches have two brains?  Reception were very brave and interacted with all of the creatures!  They were much braver than Miss Little who hid behind the camera all afternoon!  The salamander was our favourite as he looked beautiful and he felt so soft.

We had a bucket load of fun!

Nursery and Reception had a fantastic trip to the beach!  We made some wonderful sandcastles, buried our friends in the sand and went wave jumping.  Needless to say, EVERYONE had an amazing day and we finished it off with a delicious Mr Whippy!  There were a lot of sleepy heads on the bus journey home.  We can’t wait for our next trip to the beach!

High Ropes

It was hard to handle. – Degan

I conquered my fears and it was fun because you had to work as a team to help people. – Lucy

I’m so proud I did the Leap of Faith!  I felt like collapsing – which I couldn’t as we were harnessed in! – Lillie

I was scared at first until I did it and then it was fun! – Natasha

Harder than it looks! – Millie H

Don’t look down! – Kieran


I liked archery because it was something new and when you try it, it is fun! – Erest

This was one of the best activities.  I found the superheroes game fun where you had to get the colours of your favourite superhero. – Kara

Archery was hard because I had not done it before, but, for my first time, I think I did pretty good! – Katie

I found archery entertaining when we reversed the board and the bulls-eye was worth 1 and the outer ring was worth 10! – Kayleigh

Low Ropes

Stop being a wimp and get dirty! – Grace

Only me and Keenan did the monkey crawl! – Emily C

It was fun – just needed to sit on a bin bag on the bus home…arghhhh! – Lennon

This was scary when me and Mr Reader tried to cross the ropes! – Ashleigh

This was a great test of balance, skill and bravery. – Thomas


I remember that I stood in the river and didn’t know how deep it was!  I was in a forest all of my own! – Demi

I guess I was known as Granny! – Ashleigh

Be prepared to be soaked… up and down… splish splash… eyes peeled! – Keiran


Synchronised dabbing with my friends: laughing with embarrassment – it was the best! – Jadon

I loved standing on the raft with my “shadow” friend Emily Miller! – Lillie

I tried to do the pencil jump, but Emma did less splash than me! – Demi

Zip Wire

Just do it! – Ashleigh

Last year it looked scary – this year I just did it!  It was my favourite part! – Jake

Although we were nervous, the excitement over-ruled it! – Emily M

There was a glorious view on the way back up to the top! – Lillie

Scary? Nah! Push yourself! – Kayla

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Dab!

Music Outreach – Durham Cathedral

Our KS2 choir members have been lucky enough to be involved in a programme that started in 2003 working with Sunderland Local Authority Primary Schools. The programme now works with schools throughout Durham, South Tyneside and Sunderland, with around 800 children taking part each year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Cathedral Choristers, together with our Director of Music Outreach, James Randle, work with up to eight primary schools from the region each term culminating in a very special concert, where all participating schools have the chance to sing together in the magnificent Cathedral in front of a packed audience of family and friends.

As well as experiencing the joy of singing and a real sense of achievement, participating in music in this way has also been shown to boost children’s confidence and encourage positive social skills. James also works with the teachers from each school, helping them develop choral leadership skills to enable the singing to continue to flourish beyond each music outreach concert.

The aim of the Music Outreach Programme is to encourage a lifelong love of music starting at a young age. The musicianship training used is based on the Kodály method, an approach to music learning developed in Hungary in the 20th century by composer Zoltán Kodály.

We couldn’t be prouder of our choir members: they sounded stunning!  A truly memory forming day!  Thank-you to family and friends who travelled and supported the children.  Thank-you also to Mr Reader and Mr Miller for the extra practices and support!  Well done everyone!

We have had a busy week commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Jarrow March.  Miss Noble and Mr Rafferty’s classes both visited South Shields Museum to see an exhibition marking the Jarrow Crusade’s 80th anniversary.  The exhibition brings new light to a legendary event that captured the imagination of a nation. The march illustrated the plight of the people of Jarrow, whose shipyard had closed and where government, the banks and employers blocked plans for a new steelworks. As the local Member of Parliament Ellen Wilkinson remarked, Jarrow “provided an object lesson” of what the austerity of the 1930s could do to a town. Outraged at the neglect of the town, the council organised a 300 mile trek to London.

The exhibition shows details about the 200 marchers from Jarrow: their hardships, their lives, their town and their protest against injustice. It incorporates archive photographs, artefacts and contemporary footage.

Pupils listened to a local historian and then explored the exhibits.  They then created short scripts and songs to show what they had learnt.

On Friday, KS2 also put on a hugely successful performance of songs, recounts and poetry for KS1 and Reception, parents and friends of our school.  Thank-you to everyone who attended.

Below is the completed video showing how we were involved in the Jarrow Crusade Flash Mob…

Jarrow Crusade Flash Mob (CAP North East) from Unified Media on Vimeo.

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens

We went on a trip to Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens to learn more about animals for our Science topic. There were lots of mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians to see. We had a fantastic time with our tour guide, Donna. Thank you Kirkley Hall. We will definitely be back to see you and the animals!