Following on from first place at BCA Championships earlier in the year, our KS2 squad, Dunn Street Diamonds, secured another first place at the South Tyneside competition at Temple Park.

Parents and Pupils Tag Rugby (EY-Y3)

We are so pleased that some of our younger students are coming to try rugby with someone from home!

We will be working with the fabulous Mr Taylor who has strong links with our school and a wealth of experience playing and coaching Rugby League.

Please make sure you AND YOUR GROWN-UP have the right kit for getting active!!

You will need PE kit for being inside and outside because, if the sun decides to shine, we will go outside!  This includes appropriate footwear.

A water-bottle might be a good idea as well.

The club will run from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

See you Thursday!

Miss Noble & Mr Taylor


Cracking Ceilidh

At the second attempt, the Annual Dunn Street Ceilidh took place on 22nd March.  The children who have attended the Country Dancing Club, this academic year, invited friends and family to join them on the dance floor… some obliged and others were happy just capturing the evening on film.

I would like to thank all the parents and friends for their support and enthusiasm, the children for their dance moves and behaviour, the band for their wonderful music, calling and compliments as well as Mr Atkinson, Mrs Ramshaw and Mr Black for their help in ensuring the smooth running of the evening…

Click here for our Twitter feed and pictures…

September 2017 KS2

KS2 Out of School Hours Clubs

Normal PE rules apply ie the children must have a change of kit and appropriate foot-wear for use outside; no jewellery is to be worn. 

Please note the school will stop children from attending if their behaviour or work within school falls below the expected level.



Year 3/4 Penny Whistle Performance

This year, in Year3/4, we have continued the long held tradition of being taught Penny Whistle by the amazing Kenny Kirsopp.

On the last day of term we invited families of the children along to our celebration assembly so the could enjoy a short performance.

The children were brilliant !

Please click on this link to watch the performance.

Success in Manchester!!

Our KS2 Level 1 (Large) team were thrilled to be placed 3rd at the National Competition in Manchester this weekend.

The months of training paid off when the squad of 20 produced one of the most technically challenging routines in the section.  Travelling support from parents, friends and Balco added to the success of the day.

Congratulations to Ashleigh who was chosen as our “Cheerleader of the Week” because she embodies the spirit of cheerleading in the way that she works as a team member and always thinks of others!

Many, many thanks to Kimberley for her tireless work to make our squad the very best it can be by constantly striving to improve.  Special thanks also to Mrs Dunn for her support with after-school clubs and banner making!

Snapshots of the day can be found by accessing our Twitter feed:

Professional photos can be found at using the password: ukca17

Prince William Award Taster Session

Today, Miss Noble’s Class welcomed Sarah Haigh from SkillForce – the charity that runs The Prince William Award.

Dear Sarah,

I’m writing to say gigantic thank you for the fantastic day you came to spend with us.

I am confident that my skills, like cooperation and trust, are going to get better over time. So I thank you for tugging us along the trail a little quicker and helping us talk to each other more confidently and respectfully.

I enjoyed everything especially Toxic Swamp: it was challenging but crazy fun. I wish I could do this again, but I won’t be here if it happens again.

Yours sincerely


Dear Sarah

I’m writing to thank you for the day you prepared for us.  I liked the toxic swamp.  I learned teamwork and not to give up and challenge for confidence.  I thought it was a challenge for us.  I love the phrase “slow and steady wins the race”.

I liked “dare to be your best self” but I am not confident yet.  I really enjoyed the day but the tunnel ball was the hardest.

Yours sincerely


Dear Sarah,

We are writing to say thank you for our active morning with you. Since you have been in, we have learnt many useful things.

Problem-solving has helped us work as a team and has showed us that every task you get cannot be as simple as it seems. We now know that if you get chosen to be a leader in the team, it is not just about you telling other people what to do, it’s about working as a group and having an idea that everybody agrees on.

We have learnt that resilience means you don’t just give up. If you don’t succeed the first time you try, try, try, and try again. Before you came in, we would get frustrated and sometimes get upset if we didn’t win, so we have learnt to control what we feel inside.

We have enjoyed today. Working in a team was fun because we had to solve the activity before we did it. That’s why we would like to say another big thank you to you for coming in and helping us. We really enjoyed today and, if we could, we would make this event happen again tomorrow!

Yours sincerely

Demi and Lucy

Morning Miss Noble

Wow thank you so much for those kind and thoughtful words from your students. I had a wonderful time at your school and hopefully look forward to working with you all in the future.

Many thanks


Music Outreach – Durham Cathedral

Our KS2 choir members have been lucky enough to be involved in a programme that started in 2003 working with Sunderland Local Authority Primary Schools. The programme now works with schools throughout Durham, South Tyneside and Sunderland, with around 800 children taking part each year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Cathedral Choristers, together with our Director of Music Outreach, James Randle, work with up to eight primary schools from the region each term culminating in a very special concert, where all participating schools have the chance to sing together in the magnificent Cathedral in front of a packed audience of family and friends.

As well as experiencing the joy of singing and a real sense of achievement, participating in music in this way has also been shown to boost children’s confidence and encourage positive social skills. James also works with the teachers from each school, helping them develop choral leadership skills to enable the singing to continue to flourish beyond each music outreach concert.

The aim of the Music Outreach Programme is to encourage a lifelong love of music starting at a young age. The musicianship training used is based on the Kodály method, an approach to music learning developed in Hungary in the 20th century by composer Zoltán Kodály.

We couldn’t be prouder of our choir members: they sounded stunning!  A truly memory forming day!  Thank-you to family and friends who travelled and supported the children.  Thank-you also to Mr Reader and Mr Miller for the extra practices and support!  Well done everyone!