🌅 Jarrow Beach 🌅

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Dylan has been enjoying the sunshine with trips to the seaside collecting shells with his mam: he brought them in to Nursery to show us.  The sun came to Jarrow and so did the beach!!  All of the Nursery children helped to make our new beach- “Jarrow Beach”!

Sports Relief in Nursery

Welly Walk

Our Sports Relief Welly Walk was a huge success: thank you to all the parents and the children who participated.

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Sports Relief School Song


After our walk we danced along with the official Sports Relief song.



St Patrick’s Day


The children in Nursery were very interested in learning about St Patrick and the traditions of this day.  They enjoyed doing their disco dough to the Riverdance music and painting shamrocks to celebrate the day.

🐍🐾Animal Antics 🐾🐍

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Steph from Animal Antics brought her animals to show us.  She brought two mice, two rabbits, a hedgehog, a tortoise, a bearded dragon, a cornsnake, a spider and an owl.  We were all brave enough to touch and hold them!!!!

WOW how brave are we?!!

Cole also brought his gecko, Spidey.  Cole told us all about how to take care of him.

📚World Book Day 📚


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On Thursday, to celebrate World Book Day, Mr Reader brought along his cat, Smudge, to meet us.  We have been learning about pets this term so it was very exciting for us.

Mr Reader read us a story called Posy the Cat.  Smudge was very well behaved and we were too. We hope to see him again soon.

Thank you Smudge and Mr Reader.

🐵Kung hei fat choi!! Happy New Year!🐵

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2016 Year of the Monkey…

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year.  We have found out some exciting facts about China and have had lots of fun trying to use chopsticks at our Chinese banquet.  We have made Chinese dragons and took part in the Chinese dragon dance too.

The Chinese calendar has animals to represent each year.  We were born in the year of the hare or the dragon.

“Kung hei fat choi!” from everyone in Nursery!!