Technology Tom!!!


We had a great time investigating the power of paper! We made cylinders and tested their strength. Ellie Mae and Ryan’s cylinder was very strong and held 39 logs.


We stacked the cylinders to make towers. We managed to get it really high before it toppled over.


We used paper cylinders and card to make bridges.


Our bridge became very long!! Reception were very good at working as a team.


Reception river walk

Reception took a maths walk to the river. We counted objects along the way. We were very careful crossing the road. When we got to the river, we counted boats and buoys and fishermen. We estimated how many cars were in the car park and we looked at different shapes of buildings. We saw squares and cubes and oblongs and cuboids and cylinders. The children had great fun throwing pebbles in the water and trying to count the circle shaped ripples they made. We had lots of fun but it was very cold!!!