Prince William Award – National Graduation

On Tuesday 19th September, Ellie, Josh, Kurtis and Morgan accompanied Mrs Ramshaw and Miss Noble on a trip of a life-time to Birmingham University and the Great Hall (created by architect Aston Webb who also designed the principal facade of Buckingham Palace and the main building of the Victoria and Albert Museum).

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The programme for the day included an introduction by guest speaker David Walliams.

There was also the first showing of Skillforce’s new video: a powerful film on the impact of The Prince William Award.  Click here and see how many faces you recognise!

After the video, the awards took place.  From all the children who took part last year, Ellie was selected as one of three students who received a “Student of the Year Award”.  She received her award from the Duke who apologised for making her “walk such a long way” to get it (we were sat right at the back of the hall)!  We couldn’t be more proud!


The children had been selected as one of the few schools that the Prince and David Walliams spoke to after the event.

As reported on the Hello! web-site:

Earlier in the day, as Prince William toured through the Great Hall at the Aston Webb building, he met some of the young people who had graduated following the first year of the Prince William Award, which aims to help build school children’s character and confidence.

He confessed to one group from Dunn Street Primary School in Tyne and Wear, in the northeast of England, “I got scared in school sometimes.”

Speaking to the children about what they’d learned from the award program that helps build resilience in school, he said, “I was nervous about putting my hand up in class. There’s no such thing as a silly question.”

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Birmingham University’s motto is: Per Ardua Ad Alta.  It is the same motto as the RAF.  It means: through difficulty to heights.  How apt!

KS2 Sports Day

KS2 Sports Day took on a new format this year.  Parents and pupils enjoyed watching Year 3 and 4 boys and girls race over 400m and Year 5 boys and girls race over 600m to gain points for their teams.

There was then the culmination of a week of “Kicky Rounders” with all teams playing for more points.

Tug-of-war completed the morning with parents, teachers and children all being involved.

Thank-you to helpers on: refreshments – Mrs Moore, Mrs Ramshaw and Mrs Dunn; scoring – Mrs Hird and finish line co-ordinator / tug-of-war starter – Sarah from PWA!

Monies donated will go towards kit for next year’s event! Thank-you.


Whithaugh Park is an outdoor activity resort where children and adults can make memories and create dreams for the future. WP (Whithaugh Park) helps people realise how to take control of their fears in an adventurous style: when they leave, they feel worthy in side. Even though they were sometimes scared, everyone from our class has had the time of our lives competing in activities, games, quizzes and challenges.

Monday morning was a change for us because we don’t usually spend time in rural surroundings and see the things we saw. The views were outstanding and the colours were immaculate when we were standing high on the hills. Although we loved looking and watching things around us, we also loved the activities and the challenges the instructors gave us… they pushed us to our limits!! Archery, High Ropes, Low Ropes, Walk of Life, orienteering and swimming were all the wondrous WP activities we had to defeat and challenge our self with.

During the High Ropes, our favourite part was definitely reaching and conquering our targets on the Gladiator Challenge. As we got lowered down, we were proud of our achievements even if we didn’t reach the top of the cargo net. Everyone tried their hardest and that’s all what counts in Dunn Street Primary School!!!!

On Tuesday the 6th of June, we gathered outside and had a roaring camp-fire: we used the “Bag of Power” to tell our favourite memories like we are doing now… This was a great experience for our minds and for our lives in the future.

Whithaugh Park has given us the opportunity to have an adventure!!! Although I had lots of friends before I ventured to WP, this has helped make new friendships appear and old friendships grow. Being able to wake up and have all your friends with you is a fabulous experience and being able to laugh and have a good time with everyone is incredible in my opinion. During the stay, Whithaugh Park has also given us the time to have fun and live life to the fullest. Fill your life with adventures dreams and targets not setbacks and bad thoughts.

WP has helped me make my fears evaporate into the sky and has helped me come face to face with my true self. In September, we are moving up to secondary school and I am sure this has all helped us to be confident and be better people in the future. Speaking for everyone, we all recommend you venture to Whithaugh Park and step outside your comfort zone:  “…throw off bow lines… sail away from the safe harbour and catch the trade winds in your sails .Explore! Dream! Discover…” And be you!

Turn over every page with ambition and always believe you can achieve your dreams!

Kara and Demi-Leigh:

Our class took home so many memories, great experiences and souvenirs. If you can, we would definitely recommend that you’d go and have this once in a lifetime experience it’s worth it. Overall it’s not only a great experience it’s given an opportunity to our class to expand our knowledge of ourselves, its let our curiosities go wild and encouraged us go outside more often instead of being indoors playing on our electronics.  You discover more in the open/when you are outdoors.

Our class are ever so thankful for the teachers who came but also to Mr Reader for organising the event. He may not be at school at the moment, but we are still thankful for letting us do this. We are very proud of Miss Noble as it’s the first year she’s done it without Mr Reader and it was remarkable. Thank you!!

Conor and Leo:

We are now about to tell you about our wondrous adventure at Whithaugh Park which is in the countryside. Now listen up! We are doing Prince William Award which is programme for key stage two – key stage three to become better people and we had to use some of their guiding principles like: self-control, confidence, courage, conscientiousness and resilience.  These are major qualities to have in life, so we both recommend you use them to your advantage.

We used these qualities in some activities we did, like: High Ropes, Low Ropes and Walk of Life.” Why, did you use these qualities?” I hear you ask… because they have made us change into what we are!  Now we are better than we were in September 2017. We would have probably said, ”NO!” to do Walk of Life: crawling through moist tunnels and also being trapped in eternal darkness for one hour and forty five minutes.

Now we will tell you about Low Ropes.  If we were in September 2017, if we had fallen in the water, we would have had a “hissy fit” and been awfully frustrated with our self for falling in and failing the challenge and probably would have gave up and not tried it again for failing!

We think Rock UK is a great experience because it helps young minds expand in maturity. In Rock UK we were tested to be brave and conscientious to ourselves and to help ourselves and each others in our activities.

In conclusion, we both think that this is a worthwhile experience! We personally hope you go yourself to see all the stunning views and appreciate time in the countryside! So what we’re really trying to get out to you is, if you go to the ROCK UK, you’re in for a worthwhile experience!


Whithaugh Park


Download (PDF, 699KB)

*  WASH KIT: SOAP, TOOTHPASTE, TOOTHBRUSH (also recommended: sun cream, insect repellent and relevant travel sickness tablets / bands)

















Download (PDF, 2.92MB)

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Year 6 Revision

Click here to see past papers.

If you visit the Khan Academy web-site, you will find lots of helpful videos and then tests for arithmetic skills.  For example click here to watch a long multiplication video and then click here for the test.

GOOGLE “Khan Academy” followed by the mathematics or grammar you want to revise…


Click here for a range of BBC KS2 Bitesize English tutorials and games / activities…

Re-visit our Spelling Post to access Year 5/6 Spelling List activities…

How many minutes do we have
In our English – Year 6- SPAG  test?
I’ll tell you now there are forty five
In your English – Year 6 SPAG test!
Modal verbs: must, might and could!
Modal verbs: can, shall and should!
Pronouns: he, she, it and they
All our brains start to ping
As we get this close in Spring
To our English- Year 6 – SPAG test!
Now tell me know of what you know…
Prepositions: in between and below!
Past progressive what can it mean?
Was and were and something with an -ing!
I was working – there you go!
We were stressing – yes I know!
Past progressive in the bag!
No more speech marks to learn…
Inverted commas it’s your turn!
In our English- Year 6- SPAG test!
Which conjunctions can you name?
However, but and yet – they’re just the same!
Apostrophes what can they do?
Show possession… missing letters too!
Adverbs are -ly and more…
When and where and how – I’m sure!
Clauses relative…how do they start?
Whose, when and with or even that
If I get all this, I’ll eat my hat!!!
Active and passive pretend you care!
Find the subject and you’re almost there!
Is it doing?
Yes it is!
I am singing this song in a tizz!
Change it over, swap it round!
The song was sung… I think I’ve found –
The passive voice! Well I’ll be bound!
The show was enjoyed by everyone today!
Get it right and you can go and play!

Brilliant Beamish

My Amazing Army Day

Yesterday, my class and I went to Beamish.  First we went on a journey through a lot of terrain that was easy to cross and soon we got tour instructors Bill and Hannah.  We were split up by them because we first needed to know how you would have worked if you lived in England at the end of the 19th century (1910-1020).

In the first lesson, in the men’s munitions department, we made steam turbines for the ships.

We went through stages such as drawing the turbine, cutting it, folding it and finally constructing it. We got terrible news that Britain had declared war on the Germans.

When we got to the parade ground, we tried to stand in a straight line but some of us went out of the straight line! We did some exercises that trained us to be a soldier. We then skipped 4 years to go back to the factory and sack the girls.

In the afternoon, when we got to the farm, I was a bit too hyper. A group of us went and saw a few calves and cows and longhorns first. After that, the whole class was trying to see them. We saw a few pigs that were not territorial.

We got past some undulating terrain to get to the bus. Yesterday was the best day of my life!

Bret Y5

Yesterday, I had the best day ever. You won’t believe how good my day was at Beamish.

Firstly, we went into a hut. It took a little longer than I thought, but we still got there and I saw Hannah and Bill. We got split up into different genders [girls and boys] to do different activities. In my case, I was a munitions worker, in the girls’ case they were doing the house-work. We needed to make turbines for Emily Parsons’ ship. We were told that we needed to battle to save our future selves. The women took our place to work.

Secondly we trained to become a professional soldier. We did weird exercises but I am sure it would keep soldiers fit. Bill’s name became Sergeant Eliot and mine became Private Chandler. We also walked in a straight line together.

”4 years later!” Bill said. We went back to the munitions factory and the girls got sacked by the manager. I was surprised they got sacked that easily.

After that, we went to the farm. We saw pigs, horses and cows. We were at the farm for a little while then went to the sweet shop.  Someone was making peach and cream: it was lovely!

Lastly, we went to the gift shop and I got a slinky and a strawberry lolly. I tested it and it was about 5 metres – the slinky not the lolly!

Out of all my days in my life this was the best!

Kady Y5

Yesterday, we went to Beamish and it was brilliant.

First we went to the pit Village where we did a little role play. The boys were wearing granddad caps and we were making turbines that go on boats, then we got told we had to go to war.  Sargent Elliot trained us to be the best we can be. The Germans surrendered and we had to go to the factory and tell the others.  We kicked all the girls out of the factory and we got our jobs back. But it wasn’t all bad for the women because they got the vote in 1918. But you had to own property or be over 30 years old.

Secondly we went to the farm where we saw horses, trailers, chickens, pigs, cows and bulls. We saw two old Fords and behind the farm was a golf course.

Then we started walking to the gift shop.

I learnt who to train to be in the war and how to march in a straight line as well as how to be a soldier and make turbines for battle ships and normal ships.

We had a brilliant day: you should go on day!

Kurtis Y5

Yesterday, we had an educational day. Hannah and Bill came a few weeks ago.  We saw Hannah and Bill again at the munition factory.

In the factory, we put our feet in to people’s shoes and pretended we were that person and had to do some jobs at different stages. Some people were fast so they went to the stage where people were struggling and helped them. After Mr Elite was giving us 2minutes at each stage. We were constructing turbines until… Sergeant Elite came and we had to battle The Great War.

While getting told this, we had to get fit. We did some exercises. Before we did the exercises, we marched and marched until we got it right.

My favourite of the day was when the boys could be realistic person going on the battlefield and be a strong person doing it.

When we went to lunch, I loved how they put the pickaxe and the mask and the helmets in the window so when we go for lunch again they will probably be different things there, but if you picked up the pickaxe it would probably snap.

At the farm, I liked how I saw a calf running for freedom and the cows were lying lazily.

I hope we go again.

Dylan Y5

A woman’s work is never done…

Off to war…

The end of the Great War… but the start of something so much more… click here to learn more.


Can you choose one that nobody else does?

Where is it?

Why have you chosen it?

What makes it a special place?

Does this place have any natural features?

Does this place have any man-made features?

Does it have any rivers, hills, mountains and lakes or is it by the coast?

This presentation can be done independently or in a SMALL group (no more than 3 pupils).   You are still encouraged to work with someone at home and talk about what you are doing.  Can they help you with knowledge of a country or city that you do not know about?

You will have to present what you have learnt to the rest of the class AS AN ADVERT THAT PERSUADES OTHERS TO VISIT THIS AREA.

Watch adverts that encourage you to visit places…

Advert lengths have changed over the years and now they are either: 15 seconds, 3o seconds or 6o seconds.   You must NOT exceed 120 seconds.  Plan who is going to say what… engage the audience: make it interesting!  Be speedy! Be persuasive!  Be clear! Be brave – be successful!

Present about any city or country within The Six Nations … the choice is yours!

The presentation will be marked out of 40:

What is being marked: Mark out of 10:
Confident speaking to the audience (use of voice, looking at people)
Keeping the audience interested (use of questions, not reading from card all the time)
Quality of props
Quality of homework (time and effort)
Total marks out of 40

“Fun, easy atmosphere” @ Y5/6 Maths Cafe!

After a busy morning, using our mathematics to bake delicious shortbread (thanks Mrs Noble, Mrs Baxter & our wonderful ladies in the kitchen), Y5/6 pupils welcomed parents, friends and relatives into our classroom.

Challenges in the morning involved changing imperial measurements from Mrs Noble’s VERY old recipe book into metric measurements, weighing the ingredients and calculations around the properties of a circle.

The afternoon session followed successful EY and KS1 Maths Cafes and one feedback form kindly said there was “nothing to improve as I have really enjoyed all three Maths Cafes I have attended with my children”!

The “informative” session aimed to allow adults to “see what is expected of the children” and was a mix of  a “high level of interaction”, “being involved” and “seeing my (child) work maths out”!

It was “nice to see everyone happy”… even those a little wobbly at the start!  Miss Noble was also “delighted” to welcome back past pupils into the class… even if it did explain the (recent)  emergence of grey hairs!

Maths bit: 100% of adults and pupils found the session useful and would recommend the session to others!

The final word goes to the pupils who made the session such a success with their positive attitude, enthusiasm and comments:

I liked..

“…showing off my skills!”

“…helping the adults to do our maths!”

“…having fun with my ma!”

“…being able to explain about what we have done.”

“…how my Mam could learn about what we do in class.”

“…that my Mam might be able to help me on my homework.”

“..that we learnt that maths is really important.”

Download (PPTX, 28.43MB)