Build Your Legend – Online Safety

On Friday you got sent home with a tube from Google and it tells you to ‘Build Your Legend.’ Some of you will have experienced playing the Interland game before. You can always play it again here: This teaches us all about how to stay safe online and keep ourselves and our personal data protected. Back to your tube… Inside your tube, you will find four pieces of blue card with shapes that can be pushed out. Do not push any of them out until you are told to by your instructions. You also have a letter in there directed to your parents/carers. On the side of the tube is a QR code which you can scan to access your instructions. If you can’t scan the code, you can access the instructions here: You may notice that to unlock an instruction, you have to answer a question about online safety. There 20 questions for you to answer over 20 instructions. Can you answer them all and build your legend trophy? Remember, we would like to see your completed trophy! Being safe online is so important, especially at a time when we are using screens more than ever. Good luck and have lots of fun learning more about being safe online.


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