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Brad said:

“I’m lost for words…  This is an extraordinary achievement. I can’t thank the parents, the teachers and staff enough for this! This is something the school should treasure for how long it is an education establishment. Everybody in the club thanks you all for giving us the chance to achieve this.

When we found out the club couldn’t make it to London because of coronavirus, we were devastated, appalled and furious. We thought INTO Film Awards had been cancelled and we had lost our chance at winning… until this morning when we watched the Virtual Award Ceremony and won!

The club is bamboozled in the sight of winning one of the biggest award shows in The UK! Mrs Baxter, our film club teacher, supported us in the pursuit of winning the award and becoming the best under 11’s film club in the UK. She helped us with basic animation, flip books and many more astonishing activities!

What I remember from the film club last year, is the smiling and bright faces of the children involved and the teachers knowing that they had created something that enhanced over time. This film club has inspired me to reach new heights with art and many more subjects which I did not think I would like!

This film club is not about coming in and watching movies every week!

This film club is not about the popcorn or the food and drink!

This film club is about ambition, inspiration, and mental, physical drive. Pushing you to your limits, creating imaginations within the children young or old, using subjects from the primary curriculum and making it into humorous work  which makes the pupils want to work and achieve the highest they can. This is not a club. This is a community.”

This message was received from INTO Film:

Congratulations on winning an Into Film Award for Club of the Year 11 and Under!

We hope you’re pleased and enjoyed the online screening of the ceremony. You can watch the full screening again here:

We’ve also published an article on our website including all the winners: and announced on our social media channels!

The club members, Mrs Burden and Mrs Gilmore met with Mrs Baxter and Mrs Moore today and received some bags stuffed full of goodies as well as a superb trophy!

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