This half term, Year 5 have been studying all about the ancient Maya. Some of the class mentioned that they would like the explore the topic a little further in their own time, so here are a few links to explore. You can follow Dr Diane Davies, who has lots of fascinating videos all about her studies on the ancient Maya:

Dr Diane Davies, Maya Archaeologist

Dr Diane Davies – website

You can explore all about Mayan culture here:

DK Find Out

Mayan Civilisation

What were the Top 10 Facts about the Maya?

Find out here!

You can even check out the Lost World of the Maya on Youtube:

One final challenge!

What do you think this may be, and what do you think it was used for? We recently found out that it was one way the Maya believed they could be guaranteed a place in Heaven!

If you can’t work it out, the answer can be found here!

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