Hi everyone,

We have made it! Another week of home learning done, and just one more to go! Whoop! We haven’t let this slow us down though: this week, we have investigated the effects of sugary drinks on our teeth (with some really rather shocking results!); we have created our own rainforest dioramas for our Geography topic; we have explored the planet Pandora with some super setting descriptions; understanding how to read and compare negative numbers in Maths; found out that our bodies are perfect instruments in Music and so much more!

My Lexia superstars this week are: Carson, Isobelle, Shane, Finley, Joseph, Declan and Hylton!

My Reading Plus stars are: Emily, Jacob, Brandon, Summer, Sophie, Isabella and Keira!

Our Oddizzi leader board is heating up! Joseph is now in the lead with an amazing 4914 points, having completed a superb 28 quizzes!

Here are some of the highlights from this week’s learning:

Well done everyone, you have all been absolute stars! Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Giles-Brewster

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