After a busy morning, using our mathematics to bake delicious shortbread (thanks Mrs Noble, Mrs Baxter & our wonderful ladies in the kitchen), Y5/6 pupils welcomed parents, friends and relatives into our classroom.

Challenges in the morning involved changing imperial measurements from Mrs Noble’s VERY old recipe book into metric measurements, weighing the ingredients and calculations around the properties of a circle.

The afternoon session followed successful EY and KS1 Maths Cafes and one feedback form kindly said there was “nothing to improve as I have really enjoyed all three Maths Cafes I have attended with my children”!

The “informative” session aimed to allow adults to “see what is expected of the children” and was a mix of  a “high level of interaction”, “being involved” and “seeing my (child) work maths out”!

It was “nice to see everyone happy”… even those a little wobbly at the start!  Miss Noble was also “delighted” to welcome back past pupils into the class… even if it did explain the (recent)  emergence of grey hairs!

Maths bit: 100% of adults and pupils found the session useful and would recommend the session to others!

The final word goes to the pupils who made the session such a success with their positive attitude, enthusiasm and comments:

I liked..

“…showing off my skills!”

“…helping the adults to do our maths!”

“…having fun with my ma!”

“…being able to explain about what we have done.”

“…how my Mam could learn about what we do in class.”

“…that my Mam might be able to help me on my homework.”

“..that we learnt that maths is really important.”

Download (PPTX, 28.43MB)

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