We have been developing our home digital provision in accordance with the Department for Education’s instructions, to ensure pupils can access a full curriculum, should there be any further Coronavirus based disruption to your child’s education.

We hope that there will be no repeat of the national closure of schools and we dearly hope that we do not have to close part or all of our school because of a localised Coronavirus infection. However, the DfE says we should plan ahead and ensure that pupils and families can access the best quality remote curriculum we can offer.

 We have been working hard to create a robust Remote Learning Plan. We have been supported by the Local Authority to set up ‘virtual’ classrooms using Google Classroom. Google Classroom is central to our Remote Learning Plan.

When a child or a parent logs on to Google Classroom, in order to access any of the resources, you will see the names of the children in your child’s class. We have checked with the Information Commissioner’s Office and they agree with us that whilst this sharing of names is unavoidable, it is both reasonable and proportionate to do so in order to have a robust remote digital offer. This is essential in order that children can access these valuable resources during a school closure.

Many thanks
Dunn Street School

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