Hi Year 1,

Can you believe it is the last week before the summer holidays. I hope you have a fantastic last week either in school or completing home learning at home. There are ideas on our web page or you can collect a home learning pack from school from tomorrow.

Happy summer holidays and stay safe.

Miss Bridges


This is our book for the week – What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside. Hopefully, you’ll get lots of visits there this summer. Click the link below and have a listen and watch the story….

Now have a go at these lens….

Monday – In the story, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh tried to steal something that didn’t belong to them. Can you make a wanted poster for them, detailing their attempted crimes? Remember to describe each of the characters so that they can be found.

Tuesday – The ladybird came up with a plan to stop the robbers from stealing the mermaid’s hair. What was that plan, and did it work?

Wednesday – If the ladybird had asked you for help in the story, how would you have tried to stop the robbers from stealing the mermaid’s hair? Can you make your own plan?

Thursday – The mermaid was very thankful to the ladybird for stopping the robbers from taking her hair. Can you write a note from the mermaid to the ladybird, thanking him for his help?

Friday – At the end of the story, the robbers realised that their plan hadn’t worked. Where do you think they went next? Do you think they ever tried to steal again?


Can you use your phonic knowledge to spell eu and ey words…

Download (PDF, 233KB)

Download (PDF, 186KB)

Download (PDF, 199KB)

Download (PDF, 186KB)

Download (PDF, 199KB)



L1- Time in the hour

L2- Time to the half hour

L3- Writing time

L4- Comparing time

Worksheets and extra practice can be found here:



This term we are learning all about position and direction. The best way to start is by learning this dance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkzR1GSLcHM

I would love to see you attempt this dance!


If you were in school this week we would have been doing yoga every morning. Have a go at home. These are all linked to our topic.





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