Get to know Eve in 7 questions…
1.  How many years were you at Dunn Street?
The whole time! 8 years including Nursery!
2.  When did you leave Dunn Street?
3.  Where else did you study after Dunn Street?
Jarrow School, Newcastle College, South Tyneside College, Northumbria University, Universidad Iberoamericana – Mexico
4.  Which other jobs have you done?
Waitress, Post Office mail sorting & Barista
5.  How would you describe what you do now?
My day-to-day is often working in the coffee shop, baking, cooking & serving customers. Behind the scenes is where I’m managing the team and providing them with everything they need to provide the best service possible. That could be training them to have good customer service skills, creating a safe work environment, giving them access to rotas and paid time off. 
6.  What is the best thing about what you do?
Bringing new menus out seasonally with everything that our team have created and love to sell. There is a level of satisfaction of seeing customers loving our specialty food & drinks, even the wacky ones!  A busy coffee shop at Hive is a happy coffee shop, bringing the old Jarra mansion to life!
7.  What did you learn at Dunn Street that helps you now?
I was always encouraged to be my authentic self… for me I was a total bookworm, sporty and a skater girl in the making! I could be all of these things and more.  I was always encouraged to work hard, be just a little bit competitive (actually a lot!) and dream big.  
We were delighted that Eve was our first Luminary to visit school.  She completed a question and answer session with The Magnificent Seven where they had to ask a range of “closed questions” to work out what she did for a living.  Eve also brought along some “props” to give us some clues!  We loved meeting her and hearing about her life as part owner of The Hive Coffee Company, Jarrow.

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