As part of Shakespeare Week, Year 5/6 performed Romeo and Juliet with the theatre company Konflux.

They rehearsed and presented their work to the rest of the school all within one day!

What was the aim of the day?  What were we trying to achieve?

We were trying to imagine what it would be like in Verona or Mantua.  – Sam / Teamwork!  – Bailey / We were aiming for fluency in our speaking.  – Keisha / We had to overcome nerves and stage-fright.  – Lynden / We focused on our body language skills. – Emily / We needed to do acting that showed emotions.  – Jadan & Lillie / We became more familiar with the plot.  – Mark / The aim was to see how it feels to be an actor. – Charlie / The aim was to share with younger pupils that they don’t need to be afraid on stage. – Kayla / We were aiming for interaction with audience. – Kimberly

How did you feel at the beginning of the day?

At the start, I felt embarrassed, but then I felt better because everyone was in the same boat! – Tyler / I was nervous at the start and worried about my lines. – Levanah / I was confident when we started the day because I was excited to find which character I would play. – Keisha / When we started, I was excited because I had seen my sister do it and have imagined doing it myself! – Grace

Which parts did you find challenging and why?

Remembering the words was the most challenging part for me.  –  Simone / Listening to the previous line helped me remember my lines  – Mark /  I found being dramatic  and having people staring at me challenging. – Lynden / Being centre-attention was challenging for me.  – Thomas / The first time I came on stage was the most challenging part of the day. – Ethan / I found it challening to act sadness because I wanted to giggle – I overcame it by changing my body language! – Samuel


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