Jasper: “I loved the race course especially when we got to see the horses race. My favourite  part was when Toby asked us questions and if we got them correct we got a cookie. I learned that there is a really expensive sand they race on.  we got to wear the jockey silks. When we were in the weighing room, we had to make an estimate of our weight in stones and then work out how far away we  were.  We had to run 200 metres Toby asked us some questions   I got one correct!  It was  “Who ran 100 metres  in 9.6 seconds?” I got it correct – it was Usain Bolts.  In the race I thought Polisud was going to win but he came in second place.”

Joel:  “I loved the trip when we did the race. I was 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I also love horseracing and the photo finish. Also at the end of the race the horse with the number 5 won. I really wanted a different horse to win but I am still happy. I love the maths and I want to go back again because it has chocolate and I got one of the answers correct. I saw the jockeys jump on the horses!”

Isaac: “My favourite part was when Into the Sunset was close to winning but Celestial Fashion won the race.  I learnt I am 5 stone 6.5 pounds and a jockey jumped on the horse and if a helmet is broken they can`t race until they get a new one.”

Holly:  “My favourite bit was the race and Celestial Fashion won 1st place.  I was so pleased with Celestial Fashion (number 5) that  she won 1st place.  I loved the jockeys equipment and the pre parade ring as well as the horses themselves.  Finally it was time to fill in the book and i filled in 4 pages.  I liked the Weighing Room room where the jockeys are weighed. It was wonderful. I would go again  to Newcastle Race Course.”

Bella  “My favourite part was when we got to watch the horse race because I have never seen a horse race before and also I learnt why the the bars are plastic. It is so that the horses don’t get hurt.  I also know what equipment the jockeys wear. They wear a safety vest and tights and there are different colours of horses like bay. They have a brown body and black legs, black tail and black black mane.  They are a breed called thoroughbred. The horse race we saw was two miles and did you know that horses can go up to 50 miles per hour. The horse that I thought would win was Celestial Fashion and she or he won.  I also saw where the horses go in the pre parade ring. They looked very smart!  I thought they would make a sound but they didn’t.  I was disappointed.   We also went to the weighing room where we all made an estimate for our weight in stones and pounds.”

Peter:  “My most memorable part was when we had watched the race and the commentator mentioned the school I am in.  I learned that the horses get scared when someone makes a lot of noise can can kick or bite the trainer.  Also I learnt that a long time ago all the towns and cities used to have a racecourse for horses then they stopped that.  I also learnt that in the 1900s the youngest Jockey was 11 years old now the youngest is 16.”

Cole:  “I don’t have a favourite part but what I learnt that at the end of the race horses get dumped with a pile of water because they are so hot.  In the weight room the people who ride the horses get weighed.  The smaller jumps are for the small horses.  Jump horses are on the green racetrack and the flat ones are in the soft sand one.  Some of the horses wear masks and big stuff and the horses are massive!”

Bethany:  “My favourite part was when it was the race because the horse I picked won and it looked like Batman!  I was so happy when it won. But I love everything we did. My favourite horse was Celestial Fashion. She won… Yay! Me and Mia were so happy! I loved every horse though it did not matter which horse won! Miss Noble was happy through the whole thing and she did not have to tell anyone off! We all had fun. CELESTIAL FASHION was number 5. People were so happy, especially me. We went into the sand and we had to duck down because there was a big bar. I got rocks in my shoes because of Izzy!  I had the best time with Toby and Carrie.”

Ellie  My favourite part was where we went to the horse race and me and Jayden wanted the little grey to win the race. At least the little grey came in second place. After the first race they had a nice cool down.  I learned that a jump race horse can take-off 4.5m before the jump.  I learned that the jockeys get on their horses while the horses are walking. My favourite part was seeing Saddling Enclosure.  I loved Pollisud the best because he was different from the rest . I loved when we learnt about the jockeys kit.  Horses can run 50 miles per hour. I called my horse Water Duck. Thank you Miss Noble  for taking me and the rest of the class.”

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