This week’s focus in assembly has been our School Uniform and PE Kit. We believe that a smart school uniform is an important element of what makes our school successful. By being smart and having respect for one’s appearance it will undoubtedly add to the positivity we experience in the classroom and around school.

During assembly we discussed why we wear a uniform:

  • ‘When we go on a school trip we all look the same and so can’t get lost’.
  • Stops children worrying about what to wear each day.
  • Everyone is equal.
  • ‘We don’t ruin our new best clothes and save them after school and at the weekend.’
  • Wearing a uniform instils a sense of pride and discipline in children

Attached is document which provides examples of our school uniform and PE kit. We are asking children to talk to their parents and carers, to ensure that their children are wearing the correct uniform and PE Kit. If you wish to discuss your child’s school uniform and PE kit, please feel free to contact school.

Download (PDF, 1.13MB)

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