We were pleased to to welcome two ambassadors from Newcastle University to help us celebrate Science Week!

We started by drawing what we thought a scientist looked like and then spent the rest of the afternoon realising that a scientist could looks like anyone!  We learnt that there were a whole range of scientists who are all working to make our world a better place.

Through a range of experiments, we discussed things like electricity, conductors, insulators and circuits…  we discovered that we could be conductors and that electricity can pass through us!


We classified living things…

… made a cork balance on a finger…

…saw how optical illusions trick our brains into thinking things are not as they seem…


…watched as pupils’ responses showed our DNA and genetics effect the way that we taste things…


… and finally how mathematics can help when you are in a knot!

Science, and studying science at University, offers a huge range of opportunities!

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