Year 5/6 have joined schools across the country who speak out for the 37 million children missing out on school in crisis affected countries.

Worldwide the numbers affected by emergencies is at an all time high displacing more children than ever before from their homes and schools. For 2016, the Send My Friend to School campaign is calling on pupils in the UK to speak out for the tens of millions of children who are missing out on school due to conflicts, natural disaster and other emergencies.

When conflicts are long-term or massive natural disasters hit, children may go for years without attending school causing whole generations to be lost to education. Half of Syrian children are now missing out on school.

Every year, natural disasters are affecting 175 million children and disrupting schooling for many. Last year in Nepal one million children were left out of school after two massive earthquakes destroyed 35,000 schools and 600,000 homes.

Apart from wars and natural disasters other emergencies are keeping children from their basic right to an education. In Sierra Leone nearly 2 million children were forced to abandon school because of Ebola. And in northern Nigeria the violence from Boko Haram has displaced 1.4 million children from their homes and destroyed 900 schools.

Education is vital for all children but it is more important than ever in an emergency. In the middle of destruction, violence and instability, school can be a place of stability, safety, learning, and hope for the future.

World leaders have made a new commitment to deliver quality education for every child up until the age of 15, but currently more funding is needed to support children in crisis situations.

This year’s campaign action was to create paper rucksacks symbolising the journeys made by children who have to leave their homes and schools.

We tweeted through @DunnStreet63 and sent the messages to our MP – Stephen Hepburn.

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