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Well, what a super start to this year! We have hit the ground running and should all be very proud of our efforts so far. As we cannot send homework and spellings home, I will be posting our spellings for the following week on a Friday. Pupils are aware of which spelling group they are in, so they will need to learn the spellings for their particular group. We will also be practising these spellings in class, so if they are not 100% sure of any meanings, these will be covered in school.

Group 1 Spellings (words with the long vowel sound /a/ spelt ei)

eight                  vein

eighth                veil

eighty                beige

weight               sleigh

neighbour         freight

Group 2 Spellings (words with /aw/ sound spelt augh and au; words with endings that sound like /shush/ spelt -cious)

caught              vicious

daughter          gracious

autumn            spacious

astronaut         malicious

author              precious

If you would like any ideas to help practise spellings at home, there are plenty of useful tips to be found in this document:

Download (PDF, 897KB)

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs G-B



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