Hi Year 2,

Aren’t we lucky the sun has started to shine again – I’m sure that won’t stop our virtual lessons. I loved seeing you last week (Arlis, Gracie, Jaeden, Holly, Ellie-Mae C and Kara). You all worked really hard with division and reading activities. A super well done to Ellie- Mae C, Adam and Arlis for completing their Lexia minutes too. Also, a BIG well done to Jaeden for accessing Times Table Rockstars. Let’s try and beat Key Stage 2 this week. Are you up for the challenge?

I know there’s been lots more interest in our virtual learning this week so I can’t wait to get started…

If you are unable to access virtual lessons you can access online learning here or pick up a pack of work from school!

Have a fantastic week.

Mrs Clough


English  – Spelling and Grammar


Lesson 1: Adjective Alphabet

Adjectives are describing words that are used to add more detail to nouns.
Can you think of an adjective for each letter of the alphabet?

Lesson 2: Find the Nouns

A noun is a word for a person, place, or thing.
Look at the words below. Which ones are nouns?

Download (DOCX, 56KB)

Lesson 3: Expanded Noun Phrase

Can you complete the sentences below by putting two adjectives in the gaps to
describe the noun.

Download (DOCX, 95KB)

Lesson 4: Using Verbs

A verb is a doing word. It is a word that describes action and tells us that
something is happening. Choose the correct verb and write it in the space.

Download (DOCX, 66KB)

Lesson 5: Identifying Adverbs

An adverb is a word that describes a verb.

Download (DOCX, 128KB)


Lesson 1 – Measure Length

Lesson 2 – Compare Length

Lesson 3 – Four operations with length

Lesson 4 – Compare Mass




Measuring Length and Height


Time Table Rockstars and Lexia

Remember to logon and complete as many minutes as you can – there are prizes every week!!!

If you need a reminder of login details, drop me an email! Let’s try and beat Key Stage 2…

Topic – Our Local Area

Continuing our Scavenger Hunt from last week, can you identify important buildings and places in your local area such as a church, leisure centre or a supermarket? Remember to keep your social distance when out walking!

Download (PDF, 406KB)


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