Hello Year 1,

We welcome July on Wednesday and only 3 weeks left of the whole school year. How did that happen?! We are going to be learning about Australian landmarks. Remember, if you are accessing home learning you can also take part in Mrs Clough’s ‘googlemeets’ at 9.30am each day.  In addition, if you would like a paper copy of home learning, you can collect a pack from school each Monday morning.

Miss Bridges


This is our book for the week! Barry has got fingers! Really?! Click the link below and have a listen and watch Barry the Fish with Fingers…

Now have a go at these lessons….

Monday – Barry the fish with fingers has many skills that he shares in the story. Can you make a list of all the amazing things he can do?

Tuesday – In the story, Barry saves Puffy from getting hurt. This made him the hero of the story. Can you write or record a news report detailing how Barry rescued Puffy?

Wednesday – Barry and his friends decide to have a party to celebrate the fact that Puffy was safe. Can you write an invitation for Barry’s party that he can give to the other sea creatures?

Thursday – Can you write a guest list containing all of the sea creatures that Barry should invite to his party?

Friday – What food could Barry and his friends have at their party? Can you come up with some fish friendly recipes for Barry to make for his guests?


Can you use your phonic knowledge to spell e_e and ea words…

Download (PDF, 278KB)

Download (PDF, 182KB)


Counting on and back in ones https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/znfk8xs


L1- Ordering numbers

L2- Recognising coins

L3- Recognising notes

L4- Counting coins

Worksheets and extra practice can be found here:



This week we are looking at Australian landmarks. You can watch this video about Uluru and the Northern Territory…


This website allows you to explore everything in Australia…


Can you write a post card as if you have visited one of the famous landmarks? You can describe what its like and why it is a landmark. You could use one of the templates below…
We will also be making boomerangs and didgeridoos – Can you have a go at home?
This video shows you how to make a boomerang…Good luck!
The first boomerangs were made from a single piece of carved wood. The carver heated the wood in hot ashes and then bent it to get the right shape. Today boomerangs used for sports are often made of plywood or fiberglass. Their shape can be very different from the curved shape of traditional boomerangs.

30 Days Wild Challenge

Did you complete last weeks? Remember we are starting on Day 22 this week…

Download (PDF, 976KB)


This term we are learning all about position and direction. The best way to start is by learning this dance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkzR1GSLcHM

I would love to see you attempt this dance!


If you were in school this week we would have been doing yoga every morning. Have a go at home. These are all linked to our topic.






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