Hi Year 2,

It’s been a great week on our virtual lessons – thank you for attending!!

I know some of you are returning to school this week and I know you are going to enjoy every minute. For those of you not returning you can access virtual lessons at 9.30 am each day. If you haven’t been part of these and would like to be please email me at [email protected]. I know if you are not accessing these you have been completing home learning packs from school and these will still be available to collect each Monday. 

Please see below for some additional home learning activities.

Mrs Clough

English  – Spelling and Grammar

Lesson 1: One minute spelling

Using any media you like (wax crayons, felt tips, colouring crayons, chalk
etc.), write one of these words as many times as you can in 1 minute.

Ask an adult to time you and count how many times you correctly spelt the

Repeat for all three words. Challenge yourself to beat your record each
time. Good luck!

  • pretty
  • beautiful
  • wild

Lesson 2: Finding appropriate adjectives

Look closely at the image below. Read each adjective carefully, then circle
the appropriate (good) ones and cross out the inappropriate (not good)

[gview file=”https://cdn.realsmart.co.uk/e7abc86a83de9870713f68e8005e6c4f/uploads/2020/06/28145029/Adjective-picture.docx”]

Lesson 3: Appropriate adjectives

Look closely at the image below. Write as many words as you can around
the image to describe it. Be adventurous with your word choices!

[gview file=”https://cdn.realsmart.co.uk/e7abc86a83de9870713f68e8005e6c4f/uploads/2020/06/28145240/Adjectives-2.docx”]

Lesson 4: Sentence Doctors

A cheeky pirate messed with my descriptive sentences. Find 3 mistakes in each sentence and re-write them correctly.

[gview file=”https://cdn.realsmart.co.uk/e7abc86a83de9870713f68e8005e6c4f/uploads/2020/06/28145558/Sentences.docx”]


Lesson 1 – Measure mass in grams

Lesson 2 – Measure mass in kg

Lesson 3 – Compare volume

Lesson 4 – Millilitres




Time Table Rockstars and Lexia

Remember to log on and complete as many minutes as you can – there are prizes every week!!!

If you need a reminder of login details, drop me an email! Let’s try and beat Key Stage 2…


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