Ryan J: “I really like the Roman Wall because we had a breathtaking view of the hills and it has been there a very long time. It was amazing because of the massive chunk that was destroyed for a quarry.”

Isabella: “At Thirlwall it was fun and I really liked to see all the sheep and cows as well as an amazing view of the countryside.  It wasn’t just the view, it was the learning experience of seeing and hearing about the prison and the history of it was just amazing.”

Azra: “Thirlwall Castle was a great place to explore as it showed us what it was like as there was a sign which showed us what each section of the castle was used for. I loved how the sign was like a mystery as the writing made me think a lot. I really enjoyed exploring Thirwall Castle.”

Rhys B: “At first, I did not want do go in to the deep end because I did not have the confidence but after watching what other people were doing, I eventually gained the confidence to jump in to the deep end.”

Ryan S: “Swimming was one of my favourite activities to do because we could relax, have fun and play games.  One of my favourite game to play was volleyball and I could just rest after a tiring morning.”

Leoni: “Swimming was good because it showed that all of us can get along and have fun all together.  We also went on each others shoulders like I went on Isabella’s shoulders and Lily went on Azra’s shoulders.”

Declan: “I loved the experience of Hermitage Castle – it was so cool and I want to go back as soon as possible.”

Sarah: “Hermitage Castle was fun: there was a myth that a giant died there and apparently you could see and another myth that somebody drowned there.  Overall it was amazing because you could go to the jail and see some places that weren’t open because they were under repair because of how old it was.”

Ellie: “Hermitage Castle was fun! I enjoyed looking around and exploring, especially the prison. The mini scavenger hunt was difficult at times and easy at others. Seeing the Giant’s grave and figuring out that he was the size of Lily and Leoni combined was a really impressive experience. Seeing the bleached wall was funny. I will be going again. Also, we got to see a deer! A *DEER!*

Brandyn: “The prison was cool. I found out it had no toilet. I was willing to explore the ruins there.”

Lily: “When we went abseiling, I was walking up the stairs feeling excited but wondering how to do it. Yet when I got to the edge, having been shown how to do, it I felt like I had done it 100 times. It felt like I was defying gravity!”

Ryan S: “Abseiling was a terrifying experience.  When I got up onto the tower, my heart was racing! I was scared and petrified but in the end I did it two times! I surprised myself by how I just jumped out of my comfort zone and did it!”

Rhys T: “Abseiling was embarrassing but at least I had a go!”

Brandyn:  “Raft-building was one of the best experiences ever.  At first I thought our raft would collapse but we worked together. Leoni and Azra did a great job remembering the concept. We didn’t win the hoop challenge but we won the race. I jumped in the pond and got a shock. I had water in my mouth.  I was soaked. Me and Rhys worked together and I gained more trust for Rhys.”

Leoni: “I loved raft building because we chose our team and we showed that we can be a strong team and work nicely together. I am also proud of  myself because last year I think that I wouldn’t have done it.”

Ryan J: “I really liked this because it was like we were a bird because we got a bird eye view.  At first I was really scared but then I had trust in the safety equipment and the staff working there. Who would not be scared of a 300m zip line?!”

Sarah: “At first I didn’t like it!  I was screaming then I went for a second try and it was amazing but my eyes were still closed but I kind of opened them and it was amazing when I saw the view!”

Rhys B: “I absolutely loved it. The owners were so kind and I got to stand where Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon stood in 1972.”

Joseph: “I enjoyed Gilnockie Tower because of how we saw all of Neil Armstrong’s achievements and the Lego spacecraft also the space ship too. I also think the spaceship is the eagle and the spacecraft was called the Apollo 11.”

Rhys B: “This is a message to the staff at Whithaugh Park: Thank you for everything – all of the staff helped me when I was in distress for example abseiling. But I will go again 100 percent.”

Declan: “I loved the night hikes and I was glad the beds were lovely and warm!”

Isabella: “I loved the dorms and it was great fun when we were dancing and sleeping. It was warm and cosy.  I shared a room with Azra, Lily, Ellie and Isobelle but Leoni and Sarah were in another room.”

Ryan J: ” I really liked the bus ride. It was really cool looking at the hills and standing on the top of Hadrian’s Wall. The bus ride was not that bad but it did take a quit of lot of hours.  The dorms were really cosy and I liked how it held 2 bunk beds and 2 single beds. If I had a chance to go a second time or even a 3rd time I would definitely take the opportunity.”

Ellie: “Leoni taught me how to use a pillow, because for some reason I was using them wrong. I also liked it when Leoni did my hair in a plait for me! The night hike was really a walk, but I still liked it! The food was *so good.* I think that’s the most rhubarb crumble I’ve ever eaten in a month, overtaken in three days! You can’t blame me though, it tasted nice!”

Joseph: “I loved the campfire and how we shared who we thought was our favourite person who had impressed us.”

Rhys T: “I loved the good night’s sleep!”

Have any features of the Centre particularly helped your visit?

Isabella – Yes! This includes zip wiring because I was scared of abseiling because of the height but when I stepped off the end I loved it and raft-building made me feel like I didn’t need to be in charge!  I was really nervous to go but when I got there all of that feeling went away and I had the time of my life.

Lily- Yes! The abseiling really helped with my confidence. Also the raft-building because I am usually bossy and when I don’t do something right I think I am a failure but this helped me realise that I can make mistakes and use teamwork when other people knew what to do.

Isobelle – Yes! The raft building because it helped me cooperate with the people surrounding me and the staff. The dorms also helped because it was really fun.

Ellie – The dorm rooms helped me a lot: they made me feel comfortable and at home whenever I was in them. The zipline also helped me with my fear of large lakes, because it went over one and I was fine. Raft building helped with the same fears.

Declan Mack –Yes! The zipline because I was scared.

Henry – Yes!  Raft building: I was scared but as soon as we set sail I was calm!

Ryan J – Yes! When we did abseiling because I am scared of heights but I also think the zip line helped me with my heights but now I think I have got over them.

Jacob – Yes the abseiling and zip wire because it helped me overcome my fear of heights.

Sarah – Yes!  The zip wire helped me a lot to face my fear of heights because at first I was scared  but then I went again and loved it!

Joseph – Yes! It really helped me when I did the abseiling because it really helped me when I tried to conquer my  fear of heights

Brandyn: Yes – it had a big impact on me.  Mainly Raft Building. The Zip Wire was no fear to me. I didn’t like abseiling though.

RhysT- Yes because I was scared about the zipwire but I went off and I loved it.

We hope your group has gained something from being here.  Do you feel it has?  Any particular examples?

Jacob – Yes that I am not always the boss and I need to listen and not always lead.

Lily- It definitely has: when we were doing the abseiling, I couldn’t count how many people were encouraging each other. Also when we did the zip wire, everyone was encouraging everyone by telling them good things about it if they had already been on and telling them it was ok.

Isobelle – Yes I feel like I have gained confidence when we did the zipline because I am terrified of heights.

Ellie – Yes. I gained a lot of confidence during this experience, and conquered my fears. On top of that, the zipline got rid of what little fear I had of heights.

Declan – I concerned my fear of heights.

Brandyn: I feel like I gained lots of things from Whithaugh Park and I’m not forgetting it.

Henry- I was terrified to set sail but when we set sail I was calm.

Ryan – I think I came back with a lot like I think friendships with people I didn’t really talk to and I overcame my fear of heights with some of those people.

Joseph: While we were away, I think that we have all improved at conquering all of our fears of heights like the zipline and the abseiling too and as long as we enjoyed ourselves and learned that is all that matters.

Isabella – Yes  I have gained trust and I have got along better with my friends as well as got over my fear of heights with the zip line and altogether it was all a great learning experience.

Sarah~ While we were at Whithaugh Park, I think I gained confidence.

RhysT- I have gained lots of confidence in myself.

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