We live in a world full of challenges. Going out and meeting friends is not happening, hobbies are cancelled and the internet gives you trouble when you when you should join Google Meets and complete your work!!  Also, one of the most important place in the world for all of us is closed! (I mean Dunn Street!)

This family decided to send even more challenges to the school team (students, teachers and other staff). PE Challenges! They send out two challenges a week and the goal is for each of us to try and try to overcome the challenge.

A challenge can be really hard, but don’t be discouraged! The purpose is just to have fun and get away from the computers in between lessons. You can also challenge your whole family, relatives, friends, pets, etc.

Let’s all challenge ourselves!

… how many of these challenges can you complete?  Be sure to let your teacher know and we will see which classes have risen to the challenge!!

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