Happy Friday everyone! It has been a lovely week in Year 1. Despite the weather we have still had fun. Here are some of the things we have been up to in our amazing bubble…


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We created our own fact files about Octopuses. They are AMAZING! Did you know they have 9 brains and 3 hearts!?

We are now experts at the Cha Cha slide….

We started creating our own boomerangs and didgeridoos. We used paper mache and then painted them brown. We will be decorating them next week. More images to follow….

We tried a new exciting activity this week. It was called the ’10 minute writing challenge’. You have 10 minutes to write, design or create something based on a book. Have a go at home.


We created our own party invitations for a special event we have planned in a few weeks. More information to follow….

We created our own worry monster to help us cope! They sit on our desks and we can talk to them at any point.

We looked at the Torah and created our own. It was pretty tricky writing from left to right!


Friday Celebration Time!!

Even though we couldn’t all be together we still celebrated all our fantastic achievements this week.

100% Attendance from Caiden, Bentley, Jacob, Leila, Kayden, Tyler, Amjad and Maddox (and Miss Bridges and Miss Hird!) – well done everyone!  We celebrated by watching Hotel Transylvania 3!


Congratulations to Caiden this week! You are my star of the week. You created a fantastic fact file about octopuses I was SUPER impressed. Well done!!

Congratulations to Bentley!! Super handwriting in your book. Keep it up!

Superhero Maths

A massive congratulations to  Tyler who has beaten his Superhero Maths character (The Thing).  I am super impressed with your maths knowledge. Keep it up!


Another lovely week with Year 1. I can’t believe I only have two weeks left with you all!

Have a lovely weekend.


Stay safe and keep smiling.


Miss Bridges


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