On Monday, Year 5 received a visitor from the Oriental Museum in Durham to teach us all about the Shang Dynasty! We were able to handle artefacts from the time period (not the originals though – as some would have been over 3000 years old!). We were able to use our problem-solving skills to decide what the different artefacts were made from; what they would have been used for and when they would have been used in Shang society:

We also had the opportunity to create our own taotie designs using gold embossing foil, having studied the intricate patterns and motifs evident in lots of examples from the Shang period:

We also discovered more about Ancient writings from the period, including how forms of pictograms were used to create oracle bones which would be used to help make important decisions. Finally, we recreated the fall of the Last King of the Shang Dynasty using drama! What a fantastic day!

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